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Texas Service Since 1977

We are here for YOU, whatever your case, our wide range of experts can help you out…almost anywhere in the world. While there are many companies that offer similar services as Michael P. Kaliski Investigations, LLC, there are not that many who have as many years in business. We don’t tally up the number of years of our staff to make it appear we have experience. The secret to our success is being professional, discreet, knowledgeable, people of ethics, training, never forgetting we are dealing with someone’s life.

Our approach is to use the new school approach of online records pulling, and a firm application of the old school approach using our physical body to interview witness, locate skips and keeping the human element in play on every case.

Please look around the site to see the services, experience, news and other great things for you.

Our list of acceptable case types is found on the “What We Do” page and include extensive background reports of subjects of value, witness location and interview, pretrial case evaluation, fugitive recovery, fidelity checks, forensic video/audio services, vendor/supplier verification, “potential employee” background check, judgment collections, electronic surveillance detection & countermeasure tactics and many more. We have worked on this list to be as reader friendly as possible, but there is a lot there.

We are on the approved list to work STATE and FEDERAL appointed cases.

We are one of the few agencies that work court appointment case as professionals. Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and we look forward to being YOUR investigations company.


Michael P. Kaliski Investigations, LLC is celebrating 40 years of service! Founded in 1977.


Our goal is always to deliver the results you have asked for as promptly and effectively as possible.


It’s not by accident our people are among the best in the business. Excellence is a choice!

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us!

Contact Us

Complaints may be directed to:

Mike Kaliski, Qualified Manager
Main Office: 1-210-545-7955
Fax: 1-210-545-7956
14400 Jones Maltsberger Rd, Suite 100,
San Antonio, TX 78247

If not resolved, complaints may be further directed to:

Texas Dept of Public Safety Private Security Bureau
Tel: 1-512-424-7710
Fax: 1-512-424-7729
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773