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The original company was founded in 1977 by a former law enforcement agent in both state and federal service. We have built our success upon the philosophy that customer service and professionalism is paramount to succeeding in a case. With services ranging from criminal defense (STATE & FEDERAL) to forensic investigations to process of service, we have grown from being just another investigations agency to be one of the most in demand for criminal defense agencies in South Texas.

Our client base is mostly defense attorneys, however we also work for private citizens and government entities. It is our mission to provide the best possible service in a timely manner and at a reasonable rate. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to have an open line of communication with our client and a closed mouth with everyone else.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us!

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Michael P. Kaliski, Qualified Manager and Chairman of the Board

Kaliski has been an integral part of the company since 1977. As the founder of the company and Chairman of the Board, Kaliski has seen the company go from a small one person office to a corporate entity with investigators across the state. Kaliski has decades of experience in business management and ownership. Kaliski has worked predominantly criminal defense but has worked cases of insurance fraud and in a multi-million dollar case against the IRS. Kaliski is a licensed private investigator in the great State of Texas.

Robert Allen, Director of Operations & Administration, and Chief Investigator

As the Director of Operations and Administration Allen shoulders a large portion of the workload in the company. Allen is responsible for the day to day operations to include new business, quality control of all work services, intern supervisor, Chief Investigator. Allen worked his first investigation in 1986 and taken his skills around the world. Allen’s business forte is in international business. Allen has held certifications from the Texas Private Security Bureau as a classroom Instructor, a Continuing Education Instructor, Licensed Private Investigator, Personal Protection Officer, Security Salesperson and a Commissioned Security Officer. Allen is also a Certified Process Server.

Clinton “ED” Povlish, Senior Investigator and FTO

Povlish is a retired U.S. Customs Agent and former Deputy Sheriff in Kleberg County. Povlish works criminal defense cases and serves as the Field Training Officer (FTO) for all new hires.

James “Bryant” Belcher, Process Server

Need a paper served? Send it over! Bryant is a retired Houston PD officer and our dedicated process server.