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Founded in 1974 by a former law enforcement agent in both state and federal service. We have built our success upon the philosophy that customer service and professionalism is paramount to succeeding in a case. With services ranging from criminal defense (STATE & FEDERAL) to forensic investigations to we have grown from being just another investigations agency to being one of the most in demand for criminal defense agencies in South Texas.

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  • Oldest Investigations agency in Bexar County
  • One of the oldest investigation firms in Texas
  • Experienced investigators
  • Cases worked with the client in mind
  • Integrity in our work, your confidentiality
  • Statewide coverage. Have case, will travel.




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Robert G Allen,
President. CEO & Managing Investigator.

Robert serves as the President of the company. His work duty covers that of Director of Operations and Administration. Robert shoulders a large portion of the workload in the company and is responsible for the day to day operations. A true renaissance man, Robert loves to learn new things. While he has a multifaceted approach, his favorite saying is “keep in your own lane”. A proponent of doing what you are asked to do and not overstep the boundaries. A master of many things, Robert does not engage in anything unless he has learned to master it. Always a mentor oriented investigator, Robert teaches basic investigating to non-investigators for free.

Robert’s responsibilities include new business acquisitions, scope of work processes, quality control of all work services, intern supervisor, Chief Investigator and client relations.

Robert started with the company in 2009 and took control of the company in 2016. Working his first investigation in 1989, Robert has used his skills in investigations and security to aid him around the world. Robert’s business forte is in international business. Robert has been issues certifications in the State of Texas as a security officer, personal protection officer, a security classroom instructor, a Continuing Education Instructor, Licensed Independent Insurance Adjuster and a Licensed Private Investigator.

Robert owns a training school and teaches classes for professional investigators (private investigators, law enforcement investigators, military investigators, inspector general investigator, insurance investigators, insurance adjusters, process servers).

Robert is a subject matter expert on international physical security, international trade, and cultural interpretation. Robert is a designated threat analyst/advisor, and a security consultant. Robert has in depth knowledge of international trade, logistics and government contracting. Robert is a SME on the laws for investigators in Texas, investigative ethics and marketing for investigators.

Robert has extensive history in the technology market and work internationally in the hardware sector. He is always learning how to use technology to “work smarter, not harder”. Currently, Robert is learning AI/ChatGPT from his technologist.

Robert is a member of Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) and the sole recipient of the coveted John Chisom Award (now renamed the investigator of the year). Robert is also a member of ASIS International, Association of Christian Investigators, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Association (TCDLA), National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL),
National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), National Defender Investigator Association (NDIA), Inland North West Private Investigators Association (INWPIA), ASSIST.

Robert is a cancer survivor, devoted Christian and father. Robert feels family will always be more important than any work related item.

Michael P. Kaliski, Director Emeritus

Kaliski was been an integral part of the company starting with its inception in 1974. As the founder of the company Kaliski has seen the company go from a small one person office to a corporate entity with investigators across the state. Using his decades of experience in business management and ownership, Kaliski made quality hiring choices for his staff. Kaliski has worked predominantly criminal defense but has worked cases of insurance fraud and in a multi-million dollar case against the IRS. Kaliski is a licensed private investigator in the great State of Texas. Kaliski retired from the business in 2016 to focus on his grand-kids.

Jaidyn Allen, Investigator/Administration

Jaidyn got interested in investigations watching and listening to her father. She has a degree in special education (K-12, emphasis working with ED and non-communicative students) with a general education minor (K-6). Jaidyn has been an investigator for MICHAEL P KALISKI INVESTIGATIONS for since 2019. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Psychology. She is a range safety officer and an avid shooter. Jaidyn once entered a shooting competition with over 30 shooters, all of whom were over 40. Jaidyn took Best female shooter and 2nd overall.

Will Allen Physical Services Administration

Will is a junior at Virginia Tech in the Corps of Cadets program. Will is scheduled to receive his commission in the U.S. Army in July 2025. Will is an avid shooter, gun collector and Lego fanatic. When the office needs something run to the courthouse, picture hung on the wall or any odd job, Will gets the honor. When he is in town that is to say.

Jon B Tipton, Investigator

Jon is a veteran of the U.S. Army where he served in the Military Police Corps and rose to being a Provost Marshal. Jon has worked internationally on multi-million dollar security projects, including shipboard security. Jon is subject matter expert (SME) on Critical Infrastructure Protection, aviation maintenance, disaster management and investigations. Jon is former college professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) for Military Science (ROTC). Jon prefers working in environments of close knit organizations.

Alan Lopez, Investigator and Spanish Interpreter

Alan is a second generation Mexican-American citizen. He is fluent in Spanish and English. Formally trained as a paramedic, Alan carries a current Security Commission (L3) in Texas. Alan is preparing to get his PPO certification. His is a graduate of Mississippi State Collage with a degree in Criminal Justice. Alan is a devote Catholic and supportive husband.

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